We provide proven and effective neutral vendor managed services

The challenge >

Organisations often struggle to effectively manage multiple suppliers and high volumes of transactions in categories such as temporary and contractor labour.

The solution >

As supply management specialists, Comensura manage the supply of temporary and contractor labour into large organisations in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.
Our managed service approach creates a bespoke and controlled marketplace in which your hiring managers and recruitment agencies interact.

Service delivery >

Our neutral vendor managed service approach achieves all your labour requirements by better managing your existing recruitment agencies and procuring the services of others, as necessary. All agencies are effectively contract managed and we continuously audit them to ensure high levels of compliance.
All transactions, from purchase-to-pay are controlled by our web-based marketplace management technology, called c.net.

Customer Spotlight
  • Alcatel Lucent is a leading provider in mobile, fixed, IP and optics technologies, and a pioneer in applications and services at any given time. Comensura has managed the supply of contractors into Alcatel Lucent’s UK operations since 2003, providing a supply management solution.
Want to supply through us?
  • Working with Comensura gives suppliers the potential to supply temporary, interim, permanent and consultant labour to more than 120 companies across the public and private sectors. With some £450million of recruitment spend passing through Comensura each year, it is obvious why more than 3,500 suppliers choose us as a route to market.
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What is a managed service?

In the world of temporary, contingent and interim staffing, managed services have been operating since the early 1990s. A MSP manages an organisation’s contingent workforce program.

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Comensura all set to expand in Wales following framework win

Public sector organisations across Wales are set to benefit from the National Procurement Service (NPS) for Wales new managed services framework agreement.

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