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Key Statistics

Comensura’s ability to procure services from suppliers and manage business transactions are critical components of the success we bring to our clients and are why we are seen as a true innovator and market leader.

These statistics are impressive in themselves, but as the notes below explain, they are all evidence of the role we play for our clients.

Recruitment spend: £450m per year

This high level of spend means that we can procure temporary and permanent labour or consultants at much more competitive rates than our clients can achieve individually.

Average savings delivered: 10%

Comensura pass these savings on to our clients, dramatically reducing their total spend. 

Demand management savings: up to 60% of total spend

Comensura can implement new authorisation and control processes to ensure unnecessary spend is eliminated, replaced or reduced.

Estimated process savings: 10%

The end-to-end efficiency provided by c.net allows our clients to get on with their business.

Transactions managed: 2 million per year

Comensura’s streamlined transaction management has resulted in significant process efficiencies for our clients.

Users of c.net: 39,000 per year

Comensura’s technology platform connects users through a single web-based portal and makes the ordering, selection, timesheeting and invoicing of people seamless and easy to use for our client's managers, employees and their suppliers.

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