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Recruitment process

Comensura aims to deliver a fair, consistent and thorough approach to our recruitment and selection process so that we can ensure a positive experience and select the right candidate.

Once we have received your CV you will be asked to undertake a pre-screen telephone interview. This telephone interview is competency-based, giving both parties the opportunity to discover whether the vacancy is suitable. This will be conducted by either the recruitment manager or a member of our recruitment team. If at this stage we feel you are suitable to be taken forward you will be told the recruitment process for this role.

We then invite successful candidates to attend a face-to-face interview with the recruiting manager or a member of the recruitment team. This will focus on gathering further clarification on your background, skills, competencies and suitability to the role.

Depending upon the role you may also be tasked with attending an assessment, this could include skill specific testing, role play or presentation skills. You may also be asked to complete a personality profile or General Intelligence Assessment and be invited to attend a second interview with a member of our senior management team.


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