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Jon Milton

Business Development Director

Jon has been with Comensura since 2006, and has overall responsibility for sales and business development. He has won over £300m worth of contracts with organisations spending between £300k and £40m a year. He has also been responsible for expanding our consultancy services including full discovery audit and business case analysis.

Jon’s direct knowledge and understanding of our customers’ businesses has been critical in helping us develop software and systems that work around customer needs. He created both the business case for updating our original c.net platform and the blueprint for c.net 5, bringing in extensive new functionality and improving simplicity and ease of use.

Before coming to Comensura, Jon worked for a global recruitment brand as senior level recruiter and as a bid manager within a recruitment process outsourcing business. 

When not at work, Jon manages to find time to be an avid guitar player, wine aficionado, foodie, and West Ham supporter. 


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Jon Milton, Business Development Director, Comensura