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Risk Reduction

Comensura is committed to ensuring that our clients receive the best available quality of service from suppliers, and that any risks associated are mitigated wherever possible.

Processes to manage risk

Built in to c.net are processes that help organisations to manage risks. These processes are customised to each situation and to cover the activity required from all stakeholders. This means that if, for example, an order for a temporary worker requires them to be checked with the Criminal Records Bureau, the supplier has to confirm this has been done.

Engaging compliant suppliers

Comensura will ensure that each supplier is contracted to standardised terms and conditions, which includes ensuring that appropriate levels of insurance exist to protect your organisation and candidate registration processes are in line with statutory obligations and best practice.

Regular supplier audits

All suppliers are regularly audited. c.net sends out audit notifications to suppliers to submit relevant paperwork for review by our Audit Team. All suppliers are also subject to bi-annual audit to check worker documentation and insurance levels to ensure that suppliers are operating appropriately.

Reportable audit trails

All activity is recorded and documentation stored in c.net to provide a central storage point, ensuring a clear and reportable audit of transactional activity.

Continual engagement with suppliers

Comensura’s Supplier Team proactively works with suppliers to ensure they receive feedback on their performance and ensure they continue to comply with our robust service standards. This ultimately ensures your organisation continues to receive a high quality of service at a highly competitive cost.


 Risk Reduction


Do you have specific risks that you need to address?

Comensura has extensive experience of helping public and private sector clients to access suppliers that can meet their specific needs for quality standards.

Please contact us to talk to one of our team.