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A rallying call to local authorities to take action following the Chancellor's statement

Posted on 26/06/2013 by Jamie Horton in Category Local authorities
Jamie Horton, Managing Director, Comensura, reacts to today’s confirmation from Chancellor George Osborne on the budget cuts in Local Government.
The announcement by the Chancellor of a further 10% cut in spending in 2015/16 in Local Government is likely to raise a number of concerns, in particular, that permanent jobs, local services and efficiency will all suffer as a result.

The cuts announced are on top of the 33% cuts that have already taken effect and won’t be welcomed by Local Authorities but the timeframe for their implementation does give them some time to take stock.

In our view, this announcement should act as rallying call for Local Authorities to take action now and look for new and innovative ways of working. There is no single or simple approach that can be taken to deliver this latest round of cuts and all spending should be looked at with a renewed sense of urgency by continuing to challenge current thinking. For example, in our continuous discussions with local authorities, there are services bought from the private sector where the Local Authority could achieve greater transparency and visibility of what is spent it would ultimately present opportunities to make considerable savings in the future.

Local Authorities need to act now to put policies and procedures in place, using business intelligence technology and procurement practices, to give them greater visibility and ultimately, control, of what they are spending. This is a vital first step so that spend data can be gathered, analysed and re-procurement of these services is made based on sound and accurate information.

There is no question that Local Government remains in a challenging situation however strategic decisions made now will help to alleviate some of the financial strain on services delivered to the public.​​​​​