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​The most efficient approach available for supply management, professional service procurement and contract management

This information is primarily for clients - if you are a recruitment agency or other supplier please visit suppliers information.

Organisations often struggle to effectively manage multiple suppliers and procure professional services, whether it’s temporary, permanent or consultant labour.

In large or complex organisations, the sourcing of staff and professional services is often done in an inefficient way. Stakeholders across the organisation work in different ways and with different suppliers, resulting in a large network of suppliers, no central control of spend or enforcement of policy, and no central record of what is being spent.

Comensura’s service model sits between the organisation and the supply chain and acts as a central point of contact, with a combination of our expertise and the Comensura.Net technology, which acts in part like a Vendor Management System (VMS).

How our service works

A step-by-step journey through the process that a company takes when adopting Comensura as a partner for Neutral Vendor (NV), service procurement, Supply Chain Management (SCM) and contract management.

Temporary and interim recruitment

Comensura's solution reduces time and cost, yet enables the sourcing of suitable candidates from quality suppliers. Read more about our services for temporary labour

Permanent recruitment

Comensura improves the quality and fit of candidates and simplifies administration processes. Read more about our services for permanent labour.

Consultancy services sourcing

Comensura's service provides standardisation and rigour, maximising access to the best available consultants whilst managing them to project costs. Read more about our services for consultant labour.




Take a look at the many benefits that our service delivers: