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Temporary labour

If you have already looked at the Service introduction information, this page will give you specific information about Comensura’s solution to manage your temporary, contingent and interim workforce and recruitment needs.

In even the largest of organisations facing the most complex temporary and interim staffing needs, Comensura’s managed service solutions brings down the time and cost involved in sourcing quality candidates. 

A bespoke approach for maximum vacancy fulfilment

For organisations with large volume and complex temporary and contingent workforces that are provided by a supply chain of temporary recruitment suppliers, we offer a tried and trusted neutral vendor managed service.

For organisations with a preferred supplier list of temporary recruitment agencies that want centralised visibility of temporary recruitment expenditure but want to devolve purchasing decisions to hiring managers we provide a preferred supplier list management solution.

For both neutral vendor and PSL management, we deploy our tried and trusted c.net technology platform. This gives you access to multiple, specialist temporary recruitment suppliers in a matter of minutes. Rather than having to contact several recruitment suppliers individually, a single order is raised and distributed to the best performing quality and price suppliers.

The distribution of orders to temporary recruitment suppliers is determined by the type of role required and the market availability of candidates and this process is controlled by c.net. This approach is commonly known as neutral vendor managed services. Working in this way, on average 99% of all customer’s temporary recruitment requirements are filled on time and on demand, even if they are requested with minimal notice.

Finding local labour and specialist resource 

Effective temporary and interim recruitment depends upon specialist category knowledge and access to locally available temporary labour. Comensura creates an open supplier marketplace that will include your current temporary recruitment agencies as and when required. We facilitate a level playing field for small local and large national suppliers to contest your temporary recruitment orders.

Making it cost effective

Comensura leverages its customers' total combined temporary recruitment spend, known as Spend Under Management (SUM) and procurement expertise to agree highly competitive rates with recruitment suppliers.  Pay rates are controlled to manage wage inflation and control mechanisms in c.net ensure that the use of labour is compliant and does not exceed agreed financial commitments. 

Managing risk to your organisation

Comensura also manages the risk and compliance of temporary labour. We create in c.net defined processes that ensure temporary and interim staff are adequately vetted and comply with employment legislation. Our c.net technology provides a central storage point for all documentation and provides a clear and reportable audit trail.

Continual engagement with recruitment suppliers

Comensura has an on-going commitment towards sustainability in the temporary recruitment supply chain. Our Supplier Team proactively works with recruitment suppliers to ensure they receive feedback on their performance and to periodically audit them to ensure they continue to comply with our robust service standards.


The business case for MSP

Buying and managing contingent labour effectively across large businesses can be complex.

Framework Case Study

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