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Supplier Enrolment

In most cases, new suppliers come into our network because they are supplying organisations with which we develop a formal relationship.

It is a priority for us that we ensure that the existing suppliers are enrolled with Comensura to ensure continuity of service to our clients.

The Comensura Supplier Agreement

In order to supply to our clients, and to also gain access to opportunities from our other clients, we will invite you to sign the Comensura Supplier Agreement (CSA). This agreement outlines the terms and conditions you will need to adhere to when working with Comensura and when supplying to our clients.

Supplier training

With the agreement in place, all suppliers receive training on c.net, and on what is expected from our suppliers and any labour that is supplied into our clients. The combination of the CSA and the training ensures that all suppliers work to a consistent and uniform delivery of service to our clients.

Supplier audits

An audit programme is in place to ensure supplier compliance against the contractual terms detailed within the CSA. Comensura uses a two-stage supplier audit process that includes the use of c.net for the submission of information, and personal audits carried out by our experienced Audit Team.

 Interested in Supplying?


If you want to find out more about joining our supplier network.

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