About Comensura

Few organisations can source all the workers they need from just one recruitment supplier. The reality of blended workforces, increasingly flexible working arrangements and new models of resourcing such as Statement of Works and the growing gig economy frequently make that impossible. 

But working with multiple suppliers and recruitment models brings with it a complexity that can frustrate even the best businesses. Cutting through that complexity and managing it for you is our purpose. We help your organisation resource all your requirements, with efficiency and control at every step.  

WHAT we do

Since forming in 2001, Comensura has grown to become a market leader in managing the supply of temporary, permanent and contract labour for organisations across multiple sectors. With a combined client base of over 120 public and private sector organisations across the UK and Australia, we are trusted to manage over £700m of our customers’ recruitment spend each year.

WHY we do it

To work effectively, hiring companies need a number of specialist suppliers in order to gain access to the full range of suitable candidates. This of course brings with it the challenge of establishing and managing a complex supply chain that perfectly fits the needs of your hiring community. The complexity is compounded by the size of the recruitment market, with over 35,000 recruitment agencies operating in a £39bn market.

HOW we do it

Comensura cuts through the complexity of procurement and recruitment, with market leading technology and a team of experts working proactively for you. And at hiring manager level, we bring access to a bespoke supply chain that lets managers connect with the right suppliers, be it local, national or sector-specialist, with greater confidence to find and recruit the candidates they need. 

WHAT it means to you

You enjoy an easier, streamlined way to achieve better fulfilment, improved quality, 100% visibility and control of expenditure, less risk, and bottom line savings.