Our Beliefs

Comensura was formed to be different and to do things differently. Customer frustration with tired staffing models gave us our mission and purpose. Now it’s our obsessive commitment to a smarter way to work that drives us.

We exist to help our customers steer a way through an increasingly complex recruitment landscape in which ever-flexible workforce structures are required.

We enable procurement teams to connect with the right suppliers, at good value across all forms of temporary, permanent, contractor and Statement of Works in their organisation.

We empower and support managers to find and secure the right workers and resources from the external market.

We collaborate with our customers and suppliers to develop and refine diverse methods of meeting workforce needs.

We remain objective when building our customers’ recruitment supply chains, staying independent so there’s always the right fit between customer and supplier.

Steer. Help. Enable. Empower. Support. Collaborate. Independent. Objective. These have been our beliefs and behaviours from day one. It’s how we make a difference to our customers and their employees every day.