Aligning our Business to our Customers

In 2013 our customer portfolio was 98% public, and 2% private. At that time, we set a target to diversify our business and win more private sector business, which has resulted in this mix currently sitting at 60/40. In order to achieve this transition we first identified the need to expand and adapt the way that our technology worked for our customers. We recognised that hiring managers engaged staff in different circumstances, and we created different user interfaces to accommodate these differing needs. Our technology was built as a new application, with flexible options available to complement existing processes and adapt to customer requirements.

Adapting the way we offered our technology has enabled us to adapt the way we provide our services, which has resulted in us winning business in new verticals. In 2018 we changed our account management structure, so that each group of verticals has its own Head of Service and account management team. This means that we can really focus on delivering value based around customer specifics, and develop relationships with agencies to support our customer’s agenda’s.

The introduction of new multi-channel support Freshdesk technology at the end of 2018 has created greater accountability and efficiency for our customers, and has also enabled us to identify and reward our best performers. This integration is part of an ongoing strategy to use technology to find a smarter way to work for us and our customers, based around the four key opportunities listed above. A new CRM was installed at the same time to enable us to track customer activity and plan for continuous improvement. The introduction of the Facebook tool ‘workplace’ has enabled our teams to share knowledge to support the attraction of workers, and also to highlight best practice. Further integrations to support each of the customer facing opportunities listed above are currently being looked at, with a view to being implemented in the coming months.

Looking Forward

The new website and the new positioning of Comensura consolidates six years of transitional activity for our business, but more importantly affirms our commitment to delivering a smarter way to work for our customers. Invariably, adapting the way that we work has produced its challenges. We haven’t always got it right, but more importantly we have learnt from our mistakes.

What we have now is momentum, and a focus that makes us very excited for the future. Excited for our business, and excited for our existing customers and our prospective customers. Our aim is to be the market leading MSP across our chosen verticals, and we’re determined to make that happen by tuning into our customers, getting the basics right and continually improving the value that we offer.

The future is bright!


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