How the COVID-19 lock down is impacting the use of contingent labour - webinar recording

We recently held a very insightful webinar on COVID-19 and its impact on the use of contingent labour. You can now download a recording of this event.

I was thrilled to facilitate this event, which contained insight and interviews with three of our Heads of Service. Asking the all-important questions was Jon Milton, our Business Development Director. He interviewed Chris Probert, Kerry Pearson and Toby Kendall, who are all Heads of Service for Comensura in the UK. Each is an operational lead for a number of our customers with Chris and Toby operating with private sector customers and Kerry looking after some of our public sector customers. They each spoke about how the lock down has impacted the usage of contingent labour across the various sectors and customer they serve, what strategies are working and what have been the biggest challenges and lessons learnt.

Even if I do say so myself, it was a really interesting and engaging discussion, with many thought provoking questions raised by our audience of around 90 attendees. You can now download a recording of this event.


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