Comensura is proud to be talking about the importance of social value to the public sector

Comensura is pleased to be taking part in a webinar series organised by Yorkshire Purchasing Organisation (YPO). The webinar series aims to give public sector organisations an overview of the current recruitment market.

We will be taking part in a webinar on Thursday 11th June at 10am. Our very own Jon Milton, Business Development Director and Kerry Pearson, Head of Service for Public Sector will both be talking about why supporting Social Value through the temporary workforce is more important now than ever.

If you work in the public sector you can register for this webinar.

To summarise what we’ll cover in the webinar:

The Coronavirus pandemic is creating unprecedented change in the UK. With pandemic management now becoming a fundamental part of any organisation’s business continuity plans, places of work, communication tools, job roles and working patterns are set to change for thousands, and potentially millions of people.

But with change comes opportunity. Opportunity to deliver real social value for many that will need help in managing this transition, and opportunity to support and revitalise local businesses and communities.

With many workers likely to be working from home on a permanent basis, either every day or for a significant part of the working week, there is a real opportunity to help increase demand for local business, stimulate inward investment and revitalise the local high street. Home working also provides opportunities for those that may previously have struggled to access work, given issues associated with travelling to and from the workplace. 

The lockdown has also shown that people can be redeployed in unfamiliar roles, without having to go through a major learning curve. With the pandemic likely to create excess capacity in the available workforce (at least in the immediate future), rebalancing supply against demand for skills is likely to become a far more viable option.

How can the public sector help to drive this change and realise social value? How can managed service providers like Comensura, and their supply partners help? Within this webinar, we’ll explore opportunities to realise meaningful social value, and the practical measures that are available through working in partnership to deliver shared goals.

We hope you can join us on this webinar. If you work in the public sector you can register for this webinar.

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