Confidently choose your next MSP with our guide to the vendor neutral model

In this guide, Comensura Director Jon Milton explains the what, why, and how of the popular Vendor Neutral MSP model. If you’ve got MSP decisions to make but you’re unsure about your options, this plain English guide was written for you.

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Managed Service Providers and Programmes (both referred to as MSPs) emerged as a solution to problems caused when multiple recruitment agencies are engaged by different hiring managers, at different rates, and on different terms.

But different MSPs deploy different models, so it can be difficult to know where to start as a buyer.

In this guide, we provide simple answers to common questions:

  • What is the vendor neutral MSP model?
  • How is vendor neutral different from master vendor MSP?
  • Why is it easier to fill specialist roles with a vendor neutral model?
  • How does vendor neutral MSP make decision making more objective?
  • Does vendor neutral MSP really create cost savings?

For all of this and more, including a vendor neutral MSP case study featuring one of the UK’s largest insurers, get your copy today.

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