Statement of Works: Best in class ways to procure and manage this rapidly growing area of expenditure

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There is a growing trend towards the use of Statements of Works (SOW) as an alternative or “complementary” method of engagement.

SOW has grown in popularity because it provides an outcome-based approach to getting a project or piece of work completed to exacting timelines. Yet, procuring and managing this new and exciting category still requires the same rigour and process as other areas of expenditure.

In this live webinar first held in June 2020, you’ll hear from Simon Mallender, Director at Talent Evolution Consulting and formerly of HS2 and Capita. Plus, Charles Austin, our Client Solutions Director. Both will be talking about the importance of SOW to the modern organisation. You’ll also hear how to procure and manage suppliers in a way that empowers your ordering managers to purchase and manage SOW contracts better.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

What is SOW and why is it rapidly expanding?

  • What do you need to do in order to be able to procure SOW effectively?
  • How can you empower ordering managers to purchase an SOW project effectively?
  • How do you manage this category of expenditure more effectively?

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