Adaptive Managed Service

Our adaptive managed service is all about the art of the possible. It’s about taking our classic vendor neutral model and all of its benefits and adapting to the specific requirements of you as the customer

For example, if you want to retain direct relationships with agencies, or if one of your agencies is business critical to your supply and needs to be procured or managed in a different way, we’ll adapt our model to meet your needs. 

Your requirements may be for highly specialised contractors, where roles require qualification, development and an exploration of the options, working closely with agencies. If so we’ll shape our account management team around your hiring managers’ needs, making sure their objectives are met.  

We’ve taken this approach with customers in new vertical markets that we’ve expanded into such as telecommunications, IT, Business Services, rail, hospitality and facilities management. This approach has enabled us to be flexible to customer needs, whilst retaining a focus on getting the right workers at the right time, cost control, process efficiency, risk management and continuous improvement

Our approach is underpinned by our mantra of finding ‘a smarter way to work’ for our customers. 

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