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Classic Vendor Neutral Managed Service

Our classic vendor neutral service is designed to help you get best value from your agency staff expenditure. 

If you use a diverse range of agencies and those agencies are predominantly engaged at a line manager level, it’s likely that you’ll have lots of different rates and terms in place and you’ll have limited visibility over how those agencies are used. In some cases you may not have any terms in place. This means: 

  • potentially high costs
  • manual processes
  • risk
  • compliance issues 
  • restricted control. 

Without visibility the ability to plan your workforce and measure demand is compromised. 

Engaging with Comensura will help you address these issues. 

We will assume the contractual relationship with agencies, ensuring that terms are in place with each, minimising your risk. We give agencies the opportunity to work with our entire customer base, and in return we secure highly competitive margins, which normally result in savings of up to 15% of your total expenditure.  

Your hiring managers will be able to contact agencies through a single point of contact – either online via our market leading technology or offline via our 24/7 Business Centre. We’ll make sure that all of your stakeholders, agencies, and contingent workers have unique user profiles within and that they work in line with your corporate policy. captures all transactional processes, from placing an order through to electronic time-sheeting and electronic consolidated invoicing. By doing so, detailed, granular management information on all aspects workforce usage is generated giving you a complete picture of what you’re spending, with whom and for what reason. You can also understand how diverse your workforce is, the contribution you make to the environment and local economy, and similar broader considerations. 

We provide a contract management team to ensure that the entire process runs smoothly. Our team manages and develops relationships with your hiring managers, agencies and your central teams in HR, Procurement, Finance etc. We also provide strategic support to ensure that process continuously improve

All part of our commitment to you to deliver ‘a smarter way to work’

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