Our select service showcases a range of options that we offer either alongside our managed service options or standalone. These include:  

  • Payroll management of referred workers
  • Vetting and Screening 
  • Statement of Work management

We provide these services for a number of customers, and over 2000 workers.

Payroll Management

Payroll management is captured in our system – your workers will submit time-sheets on-line and be paid by ourselves, and we’ll provide you with a detailed consolidated invoice.  You’ll have full visibility of this worker population, and access to management information. 

Vetting and Screening

Vetting and screening covers a number of different areas such as: 

  • Checking proof of right to work & ID documents (in person)
  • Confirmation of nationality and immigration status
  • Reference checks
  • Criminal background checks 
  • Financial checks
  • International criminal and financial checks

All referred workers are signed to contractual terms. 

Statement of Works

Through our statement of work management we’ll create the work package in and facilitate the reporting and billing process (deliverables/milestones/fixed price etc).  
Each service has been designed to provide you with visibility and control of your workforce, process efficiency and risk (including compliance) management. 

These services have been developed in consultation with our customers, so if there’s any other areas of contingent worker management that you need help with, feel free to ask. We’re always open to helping you find ‘a smarter way to work’

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