Talent consulting

In this complex world of work, you need your Managed Service Provider to do more than manage recruitment suppliers and drive down costs. You need a strategic partner who can help you build a future-fit workforce, one who can ask the right questions to keep you moving forward.

Discover talent consultancy with Comensura

We're experts at managing the supply of labour, but that’s far from all we do. Our ‘A smarter way to work’ is a commitment to helping you continuously improve so that you become a destination of choice for the top talent.

Sharpen your employer brand

How do current workers and potential candidates see you as an employer? What reasons do in-demand workers have to choose you over your competition? Our specialists can help define your employer brand and communicate it effectively.

Build a diverse and inclusive workplace

Any business that doesn’t have D&I as a top priority is in danger of being left behind. Candidates expect to bring their true selves to work, and to be valued for it. We can help you understand where you are, where you want to be, and how to get there.

Get the optimal workforce mix

Do you have the right balance between contingent and permanent talent? Are your processes and policies efficient? Our experts can analyse your use of contingent labour and find ways to raise quality and control while lowering risk and cost.

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