Independent contractors

Have you read the supplier overview? If not, start here. For contractor-specific information, read on.

If you operate as a contractor through a limited company, you can join the Comensura supplier network and get access to a UK-wide customer base of large public and private sector organisations. These employers use us to manage all the arrangements for their non-permanent workforce – which means you might already have been told by a customer you need to join us if you want to work for them. 

To join us, you need to supply key documents including your insurance paperwork and certificate of incorporation. For each customer you work with, you’ll also need to complete organisation-specific compliance checks and documentation.

Once you’re on our database, customers can find you by searching for skill sets within our supplier directory and contact you directly to discuss projects. You have the opportunity to compete for work not advertised anywhere else, and you’ll be paid a fair market rate for your services. 

Join our team 

If you want to find out more about joining our supplier network. Please contact us for more information.