Recruitment Agencies

Have you read the supplier overview? If not, start here. For agency-specific information, read on.

As part of the Comensura agency network, you get access to large local and national employers who use us as their sole source of temporary staff. Many of our customers also come to us for permanent staff, giving you even more business opportunities.

To help you make the most of the network, we give you access to our Supplier Team. It’s their role to work with you to develop a genuinely win/win relationship. We’re vendor neutral, which means we offer the same terms to all our agencies. No-one gets preferential treatment.

Instead, orders go first to those who consistently deliver high quality candidates and standards of service. No matter if you’re a small local agency or a national chain, what matters most is how you work with us and the quality of candidates you provide to our customers. 

Operations all take place within our cloud-based platform. With, admin becomes quick and efficient. You can accept or reject orders, submit candidates, confirm assignments, and submit timesheets. Plus, also handles self-billing. This means you don’t have to raise invoices, because we do it on your behalf, saving you considerable back office administrative time.

Our customer base is growing fast as employers require a blended and flexible workforce supported by a secure supply of high quality temporary, contractor and permanent workers. And that means we’re always looking for agencies keen to get involved and grow their own business.

Become a Supplier

If you want to find out more about joining our supplier network. Please contact us for more information.