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Statement of work management platform for services procurement 

Commercial and public sector organisations are increasingly using statement of work (SOW) to engage suppliers, and more procurement leaders are looking for ways to improve their SOW processes from inception to completion.

Combining a bespoke and dedicated statement of work technology platform with the support of a best in class services procurement team is how they’re doing it.

The statement of work module in, our purpose-built vendor management technology platform (VMS), allows you to manage every aspect of SOW in one place. This brings greater visibility and control to your SOW projects - saving you valuable time and money and at the same time reducing risk and liability through correct governance and compliance.

Here’s how easy it is to manage SOW and services procurement in

Managing SOW in our platform

Using to collect, manage and control SOW data from across the business allows you to take both a tactical and strategic approach to all categories of services procurement. This brings greater control, compliance, and cost-savings.

For each statement of work project, allows you to easily:

  • define a project and its parameters, including budgeted and forecasted costs
  • distribute the requirement to an approved supply chain, by category
  • review, manage and accept proposals from suppliers
  • conduct transparent and trackable communication
  • monitor milestones, evaluate outcomes and approve payments
  • subject all key decisions of cost variation or timelines to a formal approval process
  • consolidate SOW invoicing and payments, all in one place
  • perform comprehensive reporting and tracking of data.

And cost-savings and compliance aren’t the only benefits to managing SOW in a VMS.

Why use our statement of work technology?

Easy-to-use and fully automated, the SOW module in becomes more powerful the more you use it. As you fill it with information about projects and suppliers, it gives you deeper insight into spending trends, service categories and engagement patterns.

For you and your business, this means:

  • less time spent managing your SOW commitments
  • increased SOW visibility, with a range of management reports
  • more intelligent decisions based on accurate management data
  • ability to target better performing suppliers based on performance metrics
  • more efficient and productive systems and processes
  • ability to track and monitor projects from initiation to completion.

But our statement of work service goes beyond technology.

Comensura’s leading SOW service

Our SOW experts have extensive procurement and supply chain expertise across both private and public sector organisations. They’ll use this to advise you on project definitions, desired outcomes, and the selection and appointment of designated and contracted suppliers.

We’ll also draw on our experience to provide insightful and regular management reports. This ensures key stakeholders have total visibility and control of all statement of work projects, from inception to completion.

Market-leading software combined with unrivalled expert advice - that’s how we deliver #ASmarterWayToWork.

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Whether you’re an existing Comensura client and user or not, we can help. Let’s talk about the best way to integrate SOW into your workforce planning and engagement.


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