Indirect Costs Practical Guide

Indirect Costs Practical Guide

Effectively managing indirect costs

Read this practical guide and you could save up to 5% of your total spend on temporary labour.

You'll get useful insights and tips on how to control your recruitment spend by managing the indirect costs of temporary labour. 

Key themes we cover in this guide

This guide is for procurement or human resources professionals with responsibility for managing your organisation's usage of temporary workers.

  1. Contract management costs > which are the resource costs associated with managing the use of temporary labour and recruitment agencies.
  2. Transaction processing costs > which are regular recurring resource costs associated with transaction handling, such as the time taken to brief recruitment agencies, shortlist candidates, review and approve time sheets, process invoices, reconcile invoices, manage queries and pay recruitment agencies.
  3. Opportunity costs > which result from inefficiency or a need to undertake a task again, such as a worker not being as productive as required or a worker leaving an assignment earlier than planned.

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