The Comensura managed service portfolio

When we promise that we can deliver ‘a smarter way to work’ we recognise that a one size fits all approach isn’t that smart. This is why we have four approaches to managing your supply chain, ensuring there’s always a right way for your situation.


Discover our range of workforce solutions designed to meet your needs.

Classic Vendor Neutral Managed Service

Designed to help you get best value from your agency staff expenditure. Ideal if you engage a diverse range of agencies and require better control and visibility.

We handle the contractual relationship with agencies, putting competitive terms in place to typically deliver savings of up to 15% of your total expenditure.  

Plus, your hiring managers will be able to contact all the agencies they use through a single point of contact, online or offline, 24/7.

Adaptive Managed Service

Our adaptive managed service takes our classic vendor neutral model and adapts to your specific requirements. 

As an example, if you need specialised workers and need to work closely with agencies to ensure successful fulfillment, we can shape our service accordingly.

If you frequently need to procure workers in a way that’s different to our usual model, this could be the right service option for you.


Our essential model is here if you don’t require a full managed service, but still desire efficiency, risk management, cost control and visibility. 

This approach can either be used to create a preferred supplier list and enable hiring managers to self-serve, or work alongside your internal agency. 

Either way, our technology can be configured to manage the full order to pay process, or just to manage time-sheeting and invoicing. 


Our select service showcases a range of options that we offer, either alongside our managed service options or standalone. 

These options include payroll management of referred workers, vetting and screening, and statement of work management.

These services have been developed in consultation with our customers, and we invite requests to provide other contingent worker management services.