Our proprietary technology gives organisations the most powerful tool yet for procuring, ordering, selecting and paying for the contingent and permanent workforce they purchase from external suppliers. Acting in part as a vendor management system (VMS), is the latest version of our tried and trusted cloud-based platform. 

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Interact with multiple recruitment suppliers, contractors and freelancers through a single point of contact

In just a few clicks, hiring managers can reach out to the supplier market who respond with a pool of workers available and ready for work. Regardless of your requirements, we configure with networks of suppliers – each network is built to meet a specific category of labour, skill set or location. Whether your team needs high volumes or niche talent, our supplier network will find it.

Access a competitive and compliant marketplace for buying temporary, permanent and contract workers

Our proprietary technology ranks pre-approved suppliers according to customer feedback and price. New orders are sent first to those who’ve previously performed the best. This creates competition on both quality and price. Alternatively, hiring managers can continue to use the same suppliers they know and trust too to give true choice.

Streamline workflows

With, operational and admin processes are quick and easy. Everything’s done through the system: submitting and approving orders, receiving candidate details, confirming candidate selections, signing off timesheets. Plus, we can remove workflow for some roles, such as those where a quick turn-around of workers is required, such as to fill shifts. We build our workflows around how your business wants to work.

Ultimately, timesheet data feeds automatically into a single consolidated weekly invoice covering every worker and assignment. 

Manage risk effectively

Candidates presented through must meet your vetting requirements, and you can ask for supporting documentation to be presented too for verification. We also offer an enhanced safeguarding module where customers require workers who interact with vulnerable people.

Get detailed management information plus a reliable audit trail

Because records every action and transaction, it provides accurate and robust business intelligence to support resource planning and financial analysis. All data and documents are stored within the system, giving you a reliable audit trail of compliance checks for all suppliers and workers. 

Guarantee all non-permanent workforce buying activity complies with internal policies

Central control of procurement means no more maverick bookings or above budget spending.