What makes us different?

Our roots are vendor-neutral MSP, but today we also provide adaptive solutions and models to meet any customer need. We stand out by combining decades of experience with our proprietary digital platform and hands-on expertise to improve business’s workforce management and people-based services procurement. 
Our dedicated team of experts support you, while being part of Impellam Group grants you access to a powerful network of comprehensive solutions

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What does that mean to you?

Our benefits encompass simplicity by providing a centralised hub for procurement needs, flexibility through adaptable solution models and cost saving through optimised spending and efficient processes. We ensure you access to hundreds of recruitment businesses and services suppliers containing the best talent objectively, and future-proof your endeavours through our collaborative network, co creating integrated solutions for superior business outcomes.

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At Comensura, hiring isn’t just about getting you through the door; it’s about us growing together and helping our customers succeed. See what it’s like to be part of the Comensura team and view our vacancies.

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About Impellam

Impellam is a connected group providing global workforce and specialist recruitment solutions.

Our strength lies not just in our brands, and their specialist vertical markets and regional knowledge, but in how we are united by one purpose, one culture, one driving force.

Our operations span time zones across 70 locations in North America, Asia Pacific, the UK and Europe. With 9 businesses, we are the largest STEM group in the UK and the seventh largest Managed Services Provider in the world.

Through the power of work, we build better businesses and help people lead more fulfilling lives.

We believe in the power of work.

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