A quick guide to Direct Sourcing for the contingent workforce

A quick guide to Direct Sourcing for the contingent workforce

The ability to attract and deploy high quality talent on-demand provides a competitive edge for all organisations, both in the public and private sector.

For those that need to grow fast to meet their customers' needs, and who have many roles that with repeatable and/or high volume roles, this is even more crucial. Saving money while doing this is essential.

Direct Sourcing is an efficient and effective strategy for creating a pipeline of relevant and adaptable talent and facilitating the seamless redeployment of valuable contingent workers.

This easy to digest guide lays out everything you need to understand about Direct Sourcing as part of a contingent workforce programme, and how it can work alongside your current supply chain with a sustainable model that can evolve and grow over time.

This guide includes:

  • What Direct Sourcing is and why you should do it
  • Facts and figures on the results you can expect from Direct Sourcing
  • How Direct Sourcing works and where it works best
  • What your next steps are in integrating Direct Sourcing into your contingent workforce management

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