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The results speak for themselves. We agreed to save the customer £1 million in year one and we actually saved them £1.1 million. 

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The customer specialises in the delivery of essential public services, with over 500,000 of its people working across 7 operating divisions. The customer had awarded a Managed Service Provider (MSP) contract for the supply of agency staff in 2013, but its implementation had resulted in limited take up across the business, with only a fraction of total spend brought under management. As such a new provider was sought who had the experience, capability and know-how to implement a smarter way of engaging agency staff. 

Following an extensive tender process, in September 2017, Comensura was awarded the contract. The contract has been rolled out in a number of phases to cover all of the customers’ operating divisions, with over 70,000 hours worked per week across 2500 active worker bookings. 

Comensura was tasked with bringing centralised visibility and control over the customer’s use of temporary agency workers, delivering savings and removing operating risk. Ordinarily this would 

be a relatively straightforward exercise, but in the customer’s case we had to adopt a flexible, adaptive approach to the implementation of our service in order to accommodate the sheer complexity of requirements across all of its operating divisions. 

The Customer provides business services to in excess of 150 organisations, of which c70 require the use of temporary labour. Each end organisation’s contract sits within the customer’s operating divisions. The range of requirements vary per division, so for one area, we manage the supply of c500 Sweepers, Loaders and Drivers for contracts held with councils, and in another approximately 1200 Customer Service Advisors for Central Government contracts. In its Health division c500 catering and cleaning staff are used within Hospitals. Staff are supplied to Prisons, Immigration Centres and so on. 

In total there are 117 locations spanning the length and breadth of the UK. 335 hiring managers use our service, and we work with around 50 recruitment agencies. Some contracts experience significant spikes in agency worker usage. We have had to therefore work closely with the customer and agencies to help plan for and manage these spikes to ensure that resourcing levels meets required delivery levels for the end customer. 

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