Demand Costs Practical Guide

Demand Costs Practical Guide

Effectively managing demand from within your business

Read this practical guide and you could save up to 60% of your total spend on temporary labour.

You'll get useful insights and tips on how to better manage demand for temporary labour from within your own business.

Here some tips to get started

This guide is for procurement or human resources professionals with responsibility for managing your organisation's usage of temporary workers.

  1. Understand Demand Costs > From our experience, most businesses focus on the costs of supply and not the costs of demand. Understanding demand costs will deliver greater savings.
  2. Assess the business case > For business units with low usage do this prior to placing an order for a temporary worker. For larger using business units, do this on an annual basis as part of workforce planning.
  3. Assess the alternatives > You may require temporary resource but does that mean you require a temporary worker? Assessing the alternatives can deliver the same result at significantly less cost.

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