Community Integrated Care

Comensura gives Community Integrated Care centralised temporary recruitment oversight of bookings and costs.

The Customer

Community Integrated Care is one of Britain’s biggest and most successful social care charities. Supporting thousands of clients with diverse care needs, the charity runs around 250 residential homes and provides a wide range of community and home care support services.

The Challenge

Before partnering with Comensura, Community Integrated Care was handling hundreds of supplier relationships via a preferred supplier agency list (PSL) managed by a traditional neutral vendor (MSP). Managers regularly worked with off-contract agencies, and there was no central control.

The Solution

We introduced a centralised fulfilment team and brought all suppliers onto our platform. All contingent requests now go through a single centralised ordering process and system, which sources staff based on capability to perform the required duties and incorporates tiered ordering based on cost. A full hiring manager authorisation process and complete staff compliance checking service support the recruitment process.

The Benefits

All managers now have a fast, efficient process for vacancy fulfilment, cutting the amount of time they need to spend looking for temporary staff. Central teams have full control and oversight of who is being recruited, why, and what it’s costing - plus the confidence that compliance risks are minimised and customers are safe.