HMP Drake Hall announces their employment strategy
Hoa Ngo

1 minutes

HMP Drake Hall announces their employment strategy

We are delighted to announce that Comensura is proud to be part of HMP Drake Hall’s upcoming employment strategy. This strategy seeks to provide meaningful work and job opportunities for the women of Drake Hall, helping them to reintegrate into society and giving them a renewed sense of purpose.

HMP and YOI Drake Hall is a progressive resettlement prison that promotes a culture of hope and aspiration to the women it serves, provides life skills and professional qualifications to support their release and their reintegration.

We are excited to be part of this amazing initiative which will no doubt have many positive impacts on the lives of those involved.

We invite you to read the full document here, where you can learn more about how we plan to deliver on the strategy and measure success.

We believe that everyone should have access to fair and equal opportunities in work, regardless of background or circumstances - so please join us in supporting this incredible endeavour!

Read the full Drake Hall Employment Strategy here.

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