How Advanced Direct Sourcing increases talent quality for the public sector
Alexa Bradbury

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How Advanced Direct Sourcing increases talent quality for the public sector

In today's competitive job market, organisations are constantly seeking ways to attract and retain the best quality talent. Many strategies have been implemented but one that has gained significant traction is Advanced Direct Sourcing.  

Advanced Direct Sourcing involves reaching out to a community of known candidates directly, avoiding traditional routes in recruitment such as job board websites and agencies.  

It can help local authorities overcome talent shortages by attracting, curating, and engaging talent communities by activating ‘employer brand’.  

Advanced Direct Sourcing has particular potential when addressing predictable, repeatable hiring needs in the public sector, for example covering staff shortages in healthcare in winter when flu and COVID cases increase. 

A more efficient form of talent acquisition 

By bypassing intermediaries in the right categories, organisations can work more efficiently, streamlining the hiring process with direct access to a talent community of suitable candidates. This not only saves time but also ensures that all messaging and the employer brand are accurately communicated to potential future hires. 

Access to niche talent  

Relying on more traditional modern forms of recruitment such as job websites gives a wide reach to a wide range of job seekers. However, advanced direct sourcing means businesses can tap into niche talent pools, specific to their sector, role requirements, and the type of contract they are offering, i.e., permanent, temporary or project based.  

By using advanced direct sourcing, local authorities can connect with only the most relevant individuals, with the specific skills, attributes, and qualifications they are looking for. 

Enhanced candidate experience 

Traditional recruitment processes often involve multiple stages of interviews and/or assessments, with waiting periods between these stages before a candidate is hired. This can add up to a stressful candidate experience, delays in filling skills shortages, and talent can be lost in this process where they find other work in between stages. 

Advanced Direct Sourcing offers candidates a more streamlined experience, where organisations cut through red tape and provide timely feedback on their applications without compromising on essential stages such as vetting and screening, enhancing their Employee Value Proposition as an employer that treats candidates with respect. 

This not only enhances the candidate's experience but also increases the likelihood of attracting top talent who appreciates a responsive and communicative hiring process. 

Cost savings 

Advanced Direct Sourcing can lead to significant cost savings: Saving on fees, reducing time spent on the recruitment process, and freeing up team members to spend time on their own roles and developing the organisation. At a time where public sector departments need to account for every penny, this is a massive benefit.  

In addition, Advanced Direct Sourcing enables organisations to optimise recruitment spend by targeting only the right candidates and investing in leveraging their employee brand to those candidates that they are really looking to attract. 

Advanced Direct Sourcing with Comensura  

Advanced Direct Sourcing offers numerous benefits when it comes to talent quality. By reducing recruitment costs, enhancing candidate experience, and providing access to niche talent pools, Advanced Direct Sourcing attracts and engages the best talent in the market.  

Selecting Comensura as your direct sourcing partner gives you the advantage of years of knowledge, as our Advanced Direct Sourcing solution is powered by the Impellam Group. Impellam offers an impressive range of direct sourcing experience in a variety of industry verticals and types of roles. Customer success for us means cost savings, higher fill rates and shorter time-to-fills, but it also means better candidate experiences. 

Find out more about Advanced Direct Sourcing with our new, free to download 'Quick Guide to Direct Sourcing.' 

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