Public sector leaders seek out innovative new approaches at The Public Sector Show 2023
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Public sector leaders seek out innovative new approaches at The Public Sector Show 2023

Management within the public sector has always been rife with challenges, from evolving legislation and public opinion to budget cuts and lack of personnel. However, as the UK grapples with a country-wide skills shortage, the public sector is struggling more than most to make sure that they have the talent required to meet their constituents' needs.

The Local Government Association 2022 Workforce Survey showed that more than nine in ten councils are experiencing staffing issues. 71% of local authorities are struggling to recruit adult social care workers and over 80% of councils are having difficulties recruiting children’s social workers.

The survey also found that 58% of councils are struggling to recruit planning officers and more than a fifth are finding it challenging to recruit HGV drivers.

Comensura were delighted to be at last month's Public Sector Show in London, where we met up with a range of leaders, managers and specialists working within local authorities and central government.

Value for money

As always, one of the key topics on the agenda was how to make the most of the available budget in all areas. For passionate public sector workers this is not about getting products and services as cheap as they can. It’s about getting the best possible value and making the most of the budget they have to spend.

Sustainable procurement

Environmental impact was also heavily mentioned. All areas within the public sector are being driven to reduce their carbon footprint and their negative impact on the world around them.

Sustainability is also important in workforce management. A recent study showed that nearly a quarter of people would actually turn down a job if the company had a poor history in sustainability. With the public sector already struggling with recruitment they cannot afford for top talent to have a reason to turn them down.

Risks and opportunities from use of technology

Artificial Intelligence is everywhere in the news at the moment, with people trying to decide whether this is a labour saving opportunity or the end of personal customer service. Opinions are mixed, but there were many conversations on what could be achieved without compromising people’s level of experience, efficiency, or safety.

As more and more technology is rolled out, safety is the key concern for a lot of the public sector. The very real risk of cyber-attacks is driving the government and local authorities to take as many precautions as possible in safeguarding data and access across the board.

Those working within the public sector are looking for the most effective solutions that are also easy to implement, and this is a challenge set to continue indefinitely.

A smarter approach to using data for workforce management for the public sector

Comensura is obsessive about delivering a smarter way to work for the public sector. We overcome complex resourcing requirements for contingent and permanent labour required by local authorities and government organisations through a network of specialist recruitment suppliers. Our independent approach helps the organisations that we work with meet all of their staffing requirements, with efficiency and control at every step. If you're looking for a smarter approach to workforce management, get in touch via our contact us page, we're happy to chat!

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