Getting value for money from your contingent labour spend

In this guide, Comensura’s contingent workforce experts reveal their top tips for getting better value for money from your recruitment suppliers.

When it comes to contingent labour recruitment, showing suppliers that your MSP programme represents a ‘win-win’ opportunity is the key to achieving better value. This means procurement and HR professionals have one very important piece of leverage: recruitment spend.

But how do you use this leverage to get more value?

It starts with a full understanding of your total contingent labour costs, and a detailed breakdown of both workers and suppliers. With this in hand, you can demonstrate the true scale of your opportunity to recruitment suppliers - and negotiate better margins.

In this free guide, we'll show you how to:

  • calculate the total cost of each contingent worker
  • review, manage and reduce contingent worker costs
  • understand supplier margins and negotiate better rates.

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