In this guide, Comensura’s services procurement experts explain why all spend (great and small) deserves the same rigorous oversight - and should be informed by the same high-quality data.

All services suppliers are not created equal. In most large businesses, a small core group accounts for around 80% of total procurement spend. Effective management of this core spend is vital, but so is having central oversight of the remaining 20%.

But how do you apply big-ticket centralisation to lower-volume spends?

In this guide, we show why statement of work has become such a popular way to procure services cost-effectively. And why combining SOW with an intelligent technology platform is the key to making data-driven, strategic buying decisions at scale.

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  • the dangers of allowing any services procurement to go unmanaged
  • how statement of work helps control services procurement costs
  • why true SOW value requires a tech platform and expert advice.

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