What is vendor neutral MSP?

What is vendor neutral MSP?

Vendor neutral MSP is when a managed services provider (MSP) partners with an agreed list of recruitment suppliers, which are all given a fair opportunity to put forward candidates for your vacancies. This makes it different from the master vendor model, where the MSP itself supplies most of your candidates. Here at Comensura, we use the vendor neutral model.

How a vendor neutral MSP works

For visibility and access to the top talent, a vendor neutral MSP trumps the master vendor model every time. And because it increases competition in the supply chain, a vendor neutral MSP can reduce costs significantly.

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Get more favourable terms

As your MSP, we take on the contractual relationship with recruitment agencies to put consistent and favourable terms in place. Because we give agencies the opportunity to supply labour to all our customer programmes, you benefit from highly competitive margins (typically cutting your total expenditure by around 15%).

Create a competitive supply chain

Your programme is continuously improved as a supplier’s ability to meet set performance targets is ranked and awarded via a tiered system based on a balanced scorecard. Rankings are analysed by software to ensure they are completely objective. This allows us to identify underperforming agencies.

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Our smart tech does the heavy lifting

You get a single view of how much you’re spending, with which suppliers, and why. When new sourcing needs come up, your hiring managers contact agencies online via our c.net vendor management system. c.net captures all transactional processes, from placing an order through to electronic time-sheeting and consolidated invoicing.

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Receive unrivalled, people-led service

Your Comensura account team manages and develops relationships between your hiring managers and agencies to ensure processes continuously improve in line with your evolving needs. Plus when you need support around niche roles, new verticals, or changing objectives, we adapt your programme to suit.

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Vendor neutral MSP in c.net

c.net is our purpose-built vendor management system. c.net allows you to manage every aspect of your contingent workforce spend in one place, bringing you lower costs, greater control, and increased efficiency at every step.

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People also asked

A Vendor Neutral Service is an unbiased, neutral provider of your workforce. By using a vendor neutral service, you get access to the best candidates from every agency without being influenced by colleague relationships or preconceptions, without having to contact them yourselves. 

MSP is short for Managed Service Provider and is where you outsource some or all your organisation’s contingent recruitment to an external provider. An MSP solution can help your HR and talent acquisition departments find the best quality talent in the shortest possible time frame.

In a vendor neutral service, a vendor refers to a supplier or provider or goods or services. In the instance of recruitment, this might be a staffing or procurement agency. 

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