Procurement Australia awards Comensura a 2-year contract

Procurement Australia awards Comensura a 3-year contract for Managed Services Program Providers for Contingent Labour.

Comensura has again been awarded the Procurement Australia contract for Managed Services Program Providers for Contingent Labour, commencing January 2021. This is a great opportunity for Comensura and Procurement Australia to extend their relationship and deliver further value to Procurement Australia members with services increased to include Payroll Services and Statement of Work.

Procurement Australia’s members can access Comensura’s neutral vendor managed services, which delivers cost savings, process efficiencies, strict workforce compliance measures, and visibility and control of contingent labour spend. In addition to this market leading solution, members can now access comprehensive Payroll Services and outcome-focused Statement of Work engagements. These expanded services enable Procurement Australia members to more efficiently manage their contingent workforce, including contractors and referred workers, and generate bottom line savings.

“Comensura is delighted to partner with Procurement Australia through the term of our second contract. This is a terrific opportunity for Procurement Australia members to benefit by working with Comensura as their MSP of Choice, gaining access to Contractor Management Solutions and Statement of Work through our leading VMS technology,”

- Matt King, Business Development Director, Comensura

About Comensura

Comensura delivers a smarter way to work. We cut through the complexity of recruitment and simplify the process to procure and manage temporary labour. Our expert and collaborative approach has allowed Comensura to become the leading provider of temporary staffing Neutral Vendor Managed Services to local and state government in Australia.

As market leaders Comensura regularly consults with organisations on workforce solutions, providing expert knowledge backed with data. Comensura’s services support the full spectrum of temporary staffing requirements. From ad hoc procurement of temporary labour to large, complex organisational structures and workforce demands, Comensura’s solutions effectively and efficiently manage all contingent workforce needs.

To find out how you can engage Procurement Australia contract 2312-0618 - Recruitment, Training and Associated Services, please contact:

Matt King, Business Development Director, Comensura

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