Brent Council

Comensura provide a managed service that adapts to Brent Council’s requirements, delivering savings, visibility, control, risk management and social value.

The Customer

Brent is now the fifth largest of the London boroughs and the fourteenth most densely populated local authority in the country.

The Challenge

The Council has utilised the services of managed service providers since 2005 to support the efficient management of temporary worker supply. Having moved from neutral vendor and master vendor, the council decided they wanted something different.

The Solution

Following a competitive tendering process via the YPO framework, the Council appointed Comensura, based on our ability to offer an adaptive model that fits around the Council’s needs, rather than a model that required the Council to adapt its resourcing of supplier workers to a pre-determined and prescribed model. Comensura provide the council with an adaptive managed service, shaped around the councils’ requirements, and available 24/7. We manage a supply chain that delivers c400 weekly workers across 14 different staffing categories, including IT, Engineering and Surveying, Qualified Social Care and Interim.

The Benefits

The council has received 4% additional margin savings from the re procurement of rates. £5 million of off-contract spend has been bought on contract, under control, using consistent terms and conditions and now visible to the Council centrally. Further savings delivered through tenure reductions. The integration of Brent Works as a supplier. Robust control of demand and workforce planning. Payroll management of Council referred workers.