Social Care Staffing SOW

"A completely fresh approach to resource management within social care makes it possible for this county council to radically change the way resources are optimised within its adult social care service."

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Our client is a large upper-tier English county council, responsible for delivering quality services and value for money on behalf of its 600,000+ residents. With a headcount of 5,000, the organisation is one of the largest employers in the local area and has a gross expenditure budget of over £932m. With a population which is ageing faster than the national average, this local authority was reporting significant spend across adult services and social care. 

The adult social care sector as a whole is under strain across the UK, with a worsening staffing crisis leaving thousands of individuals without adequate care. Contingent labour supply can be used to tackle some of the tactical staffing issues the council was experiencing and it felt that the time was right to adopt a far more cost-effective results driven approach. 

The council sought the advice and vast expertise of Comensura to overcome this challenging set of circumstances. A statement of work (SOW) solution was seen as the most efficient and cost-effective way forward. 

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