Video: How to mitigate risk in your statement of work spend
Charles Austin

2 minutes

Video: How to mitigate risk in your statement of work spend

When engaging their statement of work (SOW) services providers, few firms have the same checks and balances in place that they use to hire contingent and permanent staff.

But SOW use is on the rise, and procurement teams must prioritise rigour and compliance. Without them, multiple risks to the business are introduced - from increased costs and inconsistent terms, to potential fines for the misclassification of workers.

In this Supply Management Insider webinar, Comensura explore ways to mitigate common SOW risks and achieve compliance.

Watch the recording of this webinar to learn more about:

  • Why HR and procurement must align on controls, policies and ownership to mitigate the risks around SOW services procurement.
  • How specialist external knowledge combined with vendor management technology can drastically transform your SOW services procurement culture.
  • How operational efficiency, cost control and decision-making are all improved by a smarter and more efficient SOW culture.

Joining myself and Darryl in this session were:

  • Jennifer Jackson, Contributing Editor of Supply Management Insider
  • Maria Rancel Lopez, Head of Procurement - People & Operations at Nationwide Building society
  • Maria Garcia Colorado, Senior Category Manager at Aquanima, Santander Group.

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