What is direct sourcing?

What is direct sourcing?

Direct sourcing helps business to attract, curate, and engage exclusive talent communities by activating their employee brand to support their hiring needs.

What are the benefits of direct sourcing?

Not only can direct sourcing save a company money when hiring talent, but it can also reduce time-to-hire, encourage faster and more effective onboarding, and create a more effective talent pooling of contingent candidates. They can also help to make a company an employer of choice, attracting the best talent based on employer brand and reputation.

Our Advanced Direct Sourcing soltion

Our integrated approach to direct sourcing involves activating your EVP and employer brand to attract, curate and engage exclusive talent pools. With a pool of engaged contingent talent that a business knows is aligned with their brand and culture, employers can quickly, and cost effectively, attract and retain the right people for any given project or assignment.

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Direct Sourcing is ideal for companies that have repeatable hiring needs as they can find talent with the skills that they need, and who are engaged by the brand, much faster than starting from scratch. So, if a company knows that they will continually have a hiring need at set times for set roles such as seasonal staff or during busy periods, direct sourcing will set them up to avoid staff shortages and lengthy recruitment costs. 

Direct Sourcing means that you have a bank of talent already potentially interested in working for you and with the skills or experience needed, available to recruit from directly. This takes away the initial step of advertising a job and a company to suitable prospects, thus reducing the time to hire. 

Success in direct sourcing can be measured with a range of factors, including time-to-hire, cost savings, quality of candidates and workers, and the overall efficiency of the hiring process. Regular evaluation and professional management will help you to measure as you go, and refine your strategy to build on success. 

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