What is payroll?

Running payroll is becoming increasingly complex, with a growing population of contingent workers, associated worker status determinations, changes in wage and tax thresholds, and the introduction of Real Time Information reporting, all contributing to the challenge that employers now face in this area. Against this backdrop, it’s no surprise that a growing number of businesses are choosing to outsource payroll.

Managing payroll internally can be a strain on back-office resources, even for companies which are only running one payroll a month for regularly salaried, full-time employees.

Outsourcing payroll lets you not only get a grip on an everyday, straightforward process that can zap time and energy, but also safeguard against slip ups when payments are more complex. When you consider that there are more than a dozen tax codes that employers may need to be familiar with, and that creditors can gain court orders to deduct debts from workers’ wages, payroll can easily become problematic if managed.

Because of this complexity, there is inherent risk attached to the payroll process, particularly where non-permanent resource is concerned.

A full-service payroll provider manages your payroll from beginning to end, this includes:

Making sure processes and pay complies with the latest legislation
Calculation of payments including statutory payments such as sick pay and maternity pay
Payments of wages and salary payments via BACs or Faster Payments
Creating and sharing employee payslips, P45s, and P11Ds
Keeping payroll records
Producing, reconciling, and submitting documents required by HMRC
Why outsource payroll?

Here at Comensura, our team can manage the end-to-end payrolling of all non-permanent workers, from interns to contractors. Our technology, c.net, handles the full process and provides real-time reporting and complete visibility of your external workforce.

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