Australian Government Procurement Summit 2019
Kelly-Ann Lynch

5 minutes

Australian Government Procurement Summit 2019

On the 27th - 29th August this year, Comensura was a proud sponsor of the 3rd Australian Government Procurement Summit in Sydney.

This year's summit united government procurement leaders from Australia and the world. Delegates were able to learn about:

  • How to increase procurement efficiency through digitisation, automation and innovation
  • How to implement a versatile procurement framework that promotes and demonstrates high standards of probity.
  • How to get better procurement value by implementing innovative, agile purchasing methods.
  • How to deliver whole-of-government outcomes by working collaboratively with departmental procurement teams.

Our very own CEO, Mark Coyle, delivered a keynote address on Day 1. Along with his guest Cameron Spence (Social and Economic Programs Lead - ArcBlue Consulting), they discussed how Government across Australia, through collaboration, is using technology to enable improved cost, compliance and productivity of their non-permanent workforce. Find out more about the benefits we are delivering to local and state government across Australia.

What did we learn?

  • When it comes to managing suppliers, previous years' strategies have paid particular attention to cost saving and process improvements, whereas this year we witnessed a noticeable shift from supply chain management to creating true supplier partnerships.
  • The sentiment echoed in each of the keynote addresses was of the need to keep in step with the broader procurement community, with far more importance on intelligent and purposeful spending, supporting diversity and local community.
  • Another important theme approached by the speakers and debated in the roundtable sessions was around procurement's role in the age of digital transformation. It seems clear that procurement departments will increasingly influence decision making by helping articulate their organisation's objectives and how these are communicated to  supply partners.

Request a copy of Comensura's presentation at the Government Procurement Summit and find out more about:

  • The growing challenge that contingent, casuals and gig workers present to government.
  • How government collaboration can create better outcomes for all.
  • The benefits of harnessing technology for workforce visibility, compliance and cost control.

Get in touch today and discover how Comensura's technology can help you navigate the challenges of managing your non-permanent workforce.

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