Comensura unveils new vision as brand continues to go from strength-to-strength
Kelly-Ann Lynch

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Comensura unveils new vision as brand continues to go from strength-to-strength

Comensura has unveiled its new brand vision and company purpose as we continue to evolve to meet the growing demand for our digitally enabled solutions and the ever-changing MSP and services procurement landscape.

Comensura's brand refresh is part of our evolving approach of “a smarter way to work” – driving greater visibility, control, compliance, efficiency and added value on sourcing spend and resource strategies.

As part of this new corporate strategy, we have redefined our digitally enabled service offering under four comprehensive solutions; Vendor Neutral MSP, Statement of Work (SOW) Management, Payroll and Vetting Management and Talent Consulting – a bespoke solution designed to help customers address complex workforce challenges such as employer branding, diversity and inclusion, and workforce planning. The firm is committed to ensuring these solutions – which are underpinned by Comensura’s proprietary VMS technology, – help customers build better and more successful businesses through continuous improvement and best-in-class services. 

Hoa Ngo, Managing Director, UK, Comensura commented:

“Our mission as a business is simple: to optimise our customers’ relationships with recruitment agencies and service providers to ensure employers gain greater visibility, control and value from the way they procure their talent and people-based services. Comensura is a digitally enabled people business with great technology. The refreshed brand showcases our people who are the heart of our business. Our relationships with customers succeed because we really get to know them to build solutions for the long term, by tapping into our team of experienced strategists, supply chain management experts, account managers, developers, analysts, and more.”

"There’s so much that sets us apart from the crowd, from our neutral approach to solutions delivery to our proprietary Vendor Management System. As a digitally enabled managed services provider, our biggest USP and greatest strength is our focus on striking the right balance between technology and people. Over the last few years, the world of work itself has evolved drastically around the globe and as we’ve emerged into this more agile and intuitive landscape, it was time for a refresh and revamp of the solutions Comensura can provide. Our new vision of four clearly defined solutions that can be implemented standalone or together as a streamlined staffing strategy, gives today’s businesses access to everything they need to find resources quickly in a difficult talent market."

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