Consulting and services spend: How procurement can gain control
Aaron Wawman

2 minutes minutes

Consulting and services spend: How procurement can gain control

Watch the webinar recording here

Once ‘unthinkable’, a global pandemic was the unexpected catalyst it took to shift Procurement’s perception as ‘cost cutter’ and solidify our strategic role in the business. But despite this success one high-profile area of spend has remained off-limits for most procurement teams.

What is it?

Consulting and services spend.


It’s simple. It’s about people and relationships, and when it comes to those things, our stakeholders think they know better.

And perhaps they do.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t help them do more and better.

In this live webinar first held in May 2021, you’ll hear from Sharyn County, General Manager Procurement, Property and Fleet at Jemena and Zinfra and Ed Cross Founder at Odesma. Plus, Charles Austin, our Client Solutions Director. If you want to gain control, add more value, and improve how your business manages services and consulting spend, then don’t miss this enlightening conversation.

This webinar is for you if you’ve ever asked yourself the following questions (and desperately wanted answers!):

  • What is the one thing that internal stakeholders want and need from procurement when it comes to services spend?
  • How do I uncover the ‘iceberg costs’ of services spend?
  • What kind of savings can I help internal stakeholders make?
  • What kind of skills do I need to better manage services spend?
  • How can I better use technology to manage this process?

Watch the webinar recording here

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