Video: How MSPs are meeting post-pandemic workforce needs with SOW, direct sourcing and more
Aaron Wawman

2 minutes

Video: How MSPs are meeting post-pandemic workforce needs with SOW, direct sourcing and more

Since March 2020, procurement teams have had urgent new reasons to engage with Managed Service Providers (MSPs). The challenges of remote working and the rapid on- and off-boarding of workers are two of the more obvious examples.

On top of this, organisations continue to seek more from their MSPs: greater strategic value, efficiency, compliance and control from their supplier relationships and contingent workforce management.

So, how are MSPs evolving to meet these changing business needs?

In this webinar, part of the ESPO HR Webinar Event, I join my colleague Charles Austin to discuss new and emerging contingent workforce models, the rise of statement of work, direct sourcing options, and the impact of innovative talent technology.

Watch the recording of the session below to learn:

  • Why the statement of work (SOW) model is rapidly gaining in popularity
  • How Comensura’s SOW offering works in our proprietary VMS
  • How direct sourcing and talent pools can be used for maximum benefit
  • Where talent tech is having the biggest impact - and some key tech providers
  • + an insightful Q&A between me, Charles and the live webinar attendees

Get part one of our Statement of Work guide

Statement of work is becoming an increasingly popular, value-for-money alternative to time and materials services procurement. But SOW only represents better value for money when it’s efficiently and centrally managed.

In this guide, Statement of work: a smarter way to work with services procurement, we look at the issues caused by decentralised, hidden procurement - and why a smarter way to work with SOW relies on the application of intelligent tech.

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